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First application in the world that finds Blood Donors near you!

Very Easy! Open the application, select the Blood type, the distance, and find the donors! Now just call the person, and ask her to donate blood to your friend or family member!

A database in the palm of your hand!

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Help the Project

All of us, we have many dreams, that seem impossible, but with a lot of dedication we can make these dreams come true!
We know we can change the world, but we can not do it alone, and we need help from many people!

That's why we ask for your help in completing this Blood Donation project, if you can not help it, share it with your friends!

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Created by Brayon Pieske, and launched in July 2019, it came about because the creator, assiduous listener of the program Pretinho Basic Radio, in Brazil. Always listened to ads from people asking for Blood Donation on the show, until one day He had the idea to do something, the app was inspired by Tinder, and now you can find Blood Donors anywhere in the world using your location.



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